How it works

Start a partnership with companies from Kosovo using the B2B Business Matchmaking Platform. It is free and simple to use. Select a category, location, or type of organization you are interested in, and the platform will scan active proposals to find the most relevant. Reveal information about the company and what do they offer. If it is a match with your business contact the company directly.

  • You can post your own proposals. Just fill out required fields and submit to the administrator. Once approved your proposal will be posted on B2B Kosova platform immediately.
  • You can also send us your proposal by email at Please send us the logo of your company, contact details and detailed proposal for business partnership.

Start using Kosovo Business Matchmaking Portal of B2B Kosova, as it will help your business grow and expand.

1. Sign Up

  • Sign up and build a detailed profile of your company using drop down menus;
  • Select your own business and industry;
  • Enter information about technologies, products, processes and services you are looking for and which you are offering to the business matchmaking platform;
  • If you’re looking for a co-partner describe what do their capabilities need to include;
  • If you have production capacity: what can you do?

2. Use filters to narrow down proposal list

  • To simplify search through all proposals/companies use filter by a country, category or type.
  • Try to write a keyword into the search bar to search for related proposals.

3. Select proposal that matches your business

  • Check the extended description and specification about the company and its services.

4. Contact the company directly

  • It is easy to get in touch with those who also are looking for partners. You can contact the companies directly or visiting their website.