Kosovo Manufacturing Club


Kosovo Manufacturing Club (KMC) was established in November 2015 and is a non-governmental organization. Club members are among the largest produrcers in Kosovo with the ownership of 30 factories, with more than 100 brends and 15,000 directly and indirectly employed.


  • To enable networking of members and to help their motivation and cooperation with each other and with third parties
  • To build the bridges of cooperation with state institutions to strengthen and promote local products and
  • To raise citizen awareness on the quality of local products.


The main goals of Club are to develop forums and meeting that promote discussion and cooperation between members and state institutions for the development of production sector, organize activities in cooperation with state and private institutions in order to strengthen and promote Made in Kosova products, to raise awareness among citizens about the positive role that consumption of local products plays in the economic development of the country.

The Kosovo Manufacturing Club functions and carries out activities on four basic pillars:

  • Advocacy, through which the Club aims to influence relevant institutions to advance and to improve policies towards local producers.
  • Cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders with the aim of developing a cooperative spirit with all stakeholders for issues related to local producers.
  • Promotion of Made in Kosova products, inside and outside the country.
  • Awareness and consumer protection through various activities that increase the overall knowledge among consumers about the importance of consuming local products while developing consumer protection mechanisms at the same time.