The company diligently researches the Kosovo market to identify needs, then connects with suitable brands, to provide the appropriate product lines, at the optimal price points, that Kosovo consumers would be willing and able to pay for. Thanks to our storage, sales, and distribution capabilities, dozens of new brands can now be found in shelves of stores across Kosovo.

Company History

Founded in 1989 with 100% private capital as a distributor of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Union Company has evolved from a local to a national business distributor and beyond. The company’s operations include warehousing, distribution, logistics, and sales of international brands in Kosovo. The corporation has consistently displayed outstanding market performance, with at least ten percent growth year-on-year since 2008. Additionally, in year 2006 Union Company acquired a 21% stake of Banka Ekonomike, a growing local private bank, thus giving the company strategic access to capital, data and expertise.

Distribution Agreements

Established Business Cooperation Contracts

1994 NUTRICIA baby food (Bebelac) | MILUPA Aptamil (MEMBER OF DANONE GROUP)
1995 Distribution of Private Label UNION CEYLON TEA
2000 Distribution Agreement for L’Espadon Conserves
2002 Ducato Di Mantova Rice
2004 Active Baby Diapers
2005 Leased business premises in Pristina with INTERMARCHE/CDEK
2006 Acquired 21% share in Banka Ekonomike
2009 Established Technology, Furniture and Collection
2011 Distribution agreement with SOLEN | SCOTCH BRITE
2014 Ducato di Mantova – Pasta | Active Baby Wet Wipes
2015 Durukan, U-Brand | Combo Canned Food | Luna
2016 Hahne | ITAL FOOD, Maretti & Kubeti | Indomie